The most widely cultivated flowers in the world are none other Red Roses. Fossil record state that, roses has the history of way back 35 million years. Cultivation of roses began roughly 5000 years in China. The Seeds and blooms were then traded from China to all over the world. Red roses not only symbolize love, but it was part medicine, mythology and even war for centuries.

Fresh flowers speak by itself; a bouquet has more weightage than message conveyed through card or a letter. Many people are not aware of the less common flower meaning in the current world, but when it comes to red rose, every alternate person meet will know that it symbolizes LOVE.

The History of Red Roses
The association between roses and love is been from the ancient times that rolled out from the Rome and Greece

The Mythology from romans refer to as
Venus, Goddess of Love, was rushing to warn her lover Adonis about a murder who had planned to kill Adonis. In her hastiness to save her lover, she ran through lots of thorn bush, cutting her ankles buy the sharp thorns. Wherever her blood touched the bush, brilliant red roses began to a representation of love.

The Mythology from Greece refer as
The Love Goddess Aphrodite is belived as creator roses ,Greeks believed when Adonis was mortally killed by wild boar and she began to cry seeing the unexpected situation, her tears mixed with Adonis's blood and and whereever this mixture fell in ground, large fragrant rose bush began to grow and bloom with fresh flowers on it.

Across globe for generations, red roses have captured the minds and hearts of lovers. When words cannot express the 3 letter magic words “I LOVE YOU” a single red rose does that with ease. On a special day like your first date, anniversary or valentine days makes it more special by giving a single stem or bunch of red roses. Fresh red rose carries the meaning of love, true romance, desire and passion.

Wedding Garland
Nobody overlooks to appreciate when fresh red roses are used in wedding garland. Red roses constantly have the uniqueness to be admired always with true respect. Purity and loveliness along with romantic love undoubtedly stands for red rosebuds. Offering your love with preserved red rose denotes that you wish to preserve the passion and love you share. Representation of flower isn’t reliable always because their definition changes as time pass by, but red rose is one which has universal meaning : LOVE.

Trendy Rose Garland
Rose garlands are made up of rose petals, are light wight & exquisitely fancy. These are most commonly used in grand occasions. For special occasions like wedding, receptions and engagements these garlands are never missed. The speciality of the garlands is that, instead of the complete flower only petals are used to make this wedding garland.

Types of Roses procured in the wedding Garlanding Process
Adrenalin rose is a perfect example of how stunning and beautiful a rose can be. It is a gorgeous velvet red rose on a long thorn less stem and deep green foliage. The flower maintains its magnificent form while opening slowly. This rose can make any flower decoration and bouquet look beautiful.
Amalia is a short growing Alba rose of the red rose flowers which produces a dark red double bloom rose. The bud opens to a classic cup shaped bloom. The flower has golden stamen in small clusters. The foliage is grey green in colour with medium dark green leaves. The flower has a magnificent smell to it and is very fragrant. The flower would look terrific on wedding garland
3)Kashmir Rose
These are soft velvety red blooms. The soft cashmere petals of this rose mature to a breathtaking rich hybrid tea bloom. The flower has velvety soft green foliage with small green leaves. This flower shrub requires low maintenance as compared to other roses. The flower would be soft and light on wedding garland
4)Morden Fireglow
Morden Fireglow grows in bunches with fiery orange petals with dazzling reddish reverse. It has pointed buds with beautiful cupped flowers. Since it is a hybrid rose, the remarkable colour was attained through cautious laboratory selection of flower pigments. Morden Fireglow is a low rising parkland series rose. The flower would look well-designed on wedding garland.
5) Morden Ruby
Modern Ruby flower is deep pink and ruby red in colour with typical squish of deep red. This unique and beautiful rose has a mild smell. It is amazing parkland series rose that blooms in early summer and persists until season end. These 3 inches wide flowers are borne in small bunches with shiny foliage, dark green color. Complete rose garland enhances more fragrances to your party
6) Blaze
Blaze is climbing rose, which is bright red in Color. It has Mild fragrance. Blaze blooms throughout the year and it is a low maintenance flower. The flowers are semi doubled with roughly 25 petals and are borne in bunches. The greenery is of a forest green in colour with a touch of leather like texture

All these roses has a shade of red. Red is such an ideal colour choice for a wedding theme. Create drama and richness with beautifully arranged red roses, a classically elegant choice that's the basis for many of our wedding bouquets and wedding Garlands. Romantic couples may love peonies for their lush fluffy petals, but they'll cherish the meaning even more. This season bloom symbolizes a happy marriage, and it's the ideal big, fresh flower to make a statement in a beautiful life