Garlands are used worldwide in different cultures, which symbolizes Love, purity, beauty, and peace. On your big day, wedding garland adds value to your decorations. Wedding garlands often include vibrant flowers and a wide range of greenery, pairing beautifully with the countryside and garden-themed events.

As we know, exchanging garlands both by bride and groom is considered an acceptance of marriage proposals. Irrespective of any religion, the tradition remains constant, and with time we have made known to many trendy and stylish Garlands. At weddings, even the guests are welcomed with garlands since they are considered gods in our culture. We understand and give importance to even minor things on any occasion as part of the community.

Different colours and combinations, ranging from artificial to Fresh flowers, have made choosing the proper wedding garland harder. So, how to choose? What needs to be considered? Will it be the right one? Stop worrying; we'll make it easier for you to find all your answers in one place!

Different Types of wedding garlands made are:
• White classic
• Pink and green combo
• Tubular garland
• Royal roses
• Tulsi garlands
• Colorful garlands
• Cute orchids
• Blessed with Lotus

While finalizing the design of the garland, have a check on these things:

Attire Color: Before choosing the wedding garland, the essential factor to be considered is the colour of your attire. The colour of garland and attire should be coordinated not only to enhance your outfit but also to capture good memories.
Go with your ethnicity:Everything around us has changed in modern times, but ensure that your wedding Garlands are chosen in such a way that it expresses the volume about your culture. Impress your audiences to establish a cultural connection.
Unique and different: Orchid garlands are one of the unique ones rather than roses and jasmines. It gives a break from the usual ones.
The smell of your liking: Mostly, we tend to forget this factor. The smell of the garland is very important as you are the one who has to wear it for a longer duration. It will keep you fresh and comfortable. It soothes the pressure feeling and enlightens the mood.
Length of the garland- Measure the height of the bride, the groom, and also their dresses, and select the wedding garland that would not look too short or too long. It should be of optimal height.

It sounds difficult to find the right place and choose a suitable wedding garland. We will have to invest a lot of time to visit different places and enquire to make a decision. But, it's time to appreciate technology, as you can also order readymade wedding garland with just a click and that too at very affordable prices. Let's continue further with the trending and different types of garlands.
Red rose petals and pearl beads:
Garlands made with red roses are traditional and always stay in fashion. Many couples prefer them for their classy and vibrant looks. You can request white pearl add-ons in the middle of the garlands to contrast the bright colours. They are petite and silky and would complement the wedding dress without hiding the jewellery.
Jasmine and baby's breath garland:
This tiny garland is made with plenty of auspicious jasmine buds that are well complimented with beautiful baby's breath flowers. The golden balls add more elegance to the outfit and complete the look. They are very light weighted and suit any event.
Sughandhraj and Rose garland:
The Sughandhraj and Rose combination is a perfect match to reflect your marriage life filled with Love and passion. When the unique texture of Sughandhraj makes this designer varmala classy, the tiny red roses add beautiful colours to it. The flowers have a soothing nature and pleasant aroma. It is simple but never compromises the beauty of this garland. They are very lightweight and easy to wear even though they look big. These are durable and last longer throughout the event and withhold any compression.
Carnation garland:
Garlands made with carnations are always gorgeous and a showstopper. Various colours and shapes are options for these flowers. They are remarkably affordable and weightless. They look so lovely and elegant that any form of the ornament will not be required further.
Tubular garland:
Tubular Garland is a perfect choice for couples who are looking for fashionable elements at their wedding. In a wedding, when you are looking for a flower garland, it is a great option to go with Tubular garland as it is made up of white threads with colourful floral rings around.
Call to Mind
The greenery and fresh flowers used in the wedding garland should last a full day. Direct sun exposure will cause it to dry more quickly. If it is outdoors in the cool shade and not too warm, it will often look fresh for a couple of days. They also make your wedding photographs and video look fresh for years.
No matter how grand the occasion is, it is incomplete without a fresh garland. When it comes to wedding, it is even more special and plays a vital role. Using flower garlands with fresh flowers at weddings can also be a symbol of the flourishing lives that lie ahead of the bride and the groom! It gives a positive start to a new family.
Fresh flowers mean a fresh start!!!